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Insect bites and stings mostly cause minor pain and irritation. This can be treated using over the counter remedies. In rare cases of a severe allergic reaction to stings, which can lead to breathing difficulties, urgent medical treatment should be sought. If someone has been stung by a bee it is likely the sting will be left in the skin. This should be removed as soon as possible by scraping it out with a fingernail.

The swelling and itching that is caused by bites and stings can be reduced by using a cold compress or covered ice pack on the skin. Hydrocortisone cream can be used on unbroken skin to reduce itching and swelling. Taking an oral antihistamine tablet is useful to reduce severe itching or swelling or where the insect bites are widespread across the body.

If there are signs of infection (severe swelling, tenderness, pus) or if symptoms are not improving after a few days, you should visit your GP.

Our pharmacist recommends using the following products help reduce pain and to prevent bites and stings:

1. Jungle Formula
2. Xpel Kids Travel Pack Mosquito & Insect Repellent
3. Bepantiseptic First Aid Cream
4. Mos Repel Anti Mosquito Bracelet

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