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Your Medicines Made Easy

MED-EASY is our personalised service that repacks your medicines into more manageable weekly packs. It puts you in control of taking your medicines by making them much easier to manage.

Who can benefit?

  • Anyone who takes a variety of medicines on a regular basis.
  • Anyone who is confused by their medicines or worried about not taking them correctly.

What are the Advantages?

Medicines are arranged according to when they are taken e.g. morning, lunch, evening or at night. This ensures that you can see at a glance if tablets have been taken removing the worry of missing tablets. We have several types of weekly packs and we will always pack your medicines into the one that best suits you.

How do I get MED-EASY?

All you have to do is call into any of our Pharmacies with your prescription and talk to our Pharmacist. It’s very easy to start enjoying the benefits of MED-EASY.