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Alflorex Precision Biotics 30 Capsules


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Alflorex is a food supplement which has been clinically tested in IBS patients and shown to reduce abdominal discomfort, passage of gas, and bloating/distension. It is the only product in Ireland to contain the unique PrecisionBiotic™ strain B. infantis 35624 and was developed in Ireland. PrecisionBiotic™ cultures are elite bacterial strains which have been selected to have targeted action where needed.
B. infantis 35624 was researched and co-developed by scientists, clinicians and gastroenterologists in Alimentary Health Ltd. and University College Cork. University College Cork is among the world’s leading institutions in probiotic research. B. infantis 35624 is backed by 15 years of research and over 50 publications. B. infantis 35624 is the No.1 recommended probiotic in the U.S. by gastroenterologists.
Alflorex is a food supplement that comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule that is taken just once a day, each day, at any time with water. When taken daily, B. infantis 35624 naturally helps fortify the digestive system with healthy bacteria. For best results, take Alflorex daily as a part of a healthy lifestyle.


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