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AZO 70% IPA Wipes



Azo 70% IPA Wipes are proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 with a kill time of 15 seconds.

  • 200 wipes
  • For Cleaning soiled hard surfaces
  • For Disinfecting clean hard surfaces – Door handles, Light switches, etc
  • For Disinfecting non-soiled, sensitive equipment – keyboards, phones, thermometers, etc
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting low-soiled medical equipment & hard surfaces – S/S worktops, BP cuffs, medication prep areas, etc

AZO wipes are compatible with most non-porous surfaces and equipment found in healthcare, scientific and hospitality sectors.For sensitive equipment or uncommon surfaces, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer of these materials for guidance.


See safety sheet:  sds-06-0003_azowipe


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