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Benylin Children’s Chesty Cough 50mg/5ml Syrup 125ml


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Benylin Childrens Chesty Cough Syrup has been specially formulated to effectively relieve childrens chesty coughs quickly, without causing drowsiness. When your child has a chesty cough, it’s a distressing time for them and a worrying time for you.A Pleasant strawberry flavor syrup which is both sugar-free and colour-free. A child-resistant cap is included for your family’s safety.

  • Effectively Relieves & Soothes children’s chesty coughs quickly
  • Non-Drowsy

Benylin children’s chesty coughs syrup contains the active ingredient guaifenesin. Guaifenesin is a type of medicine called a cough expectorant. Expectorants are used to treat a productive or chesty cough, in which phlegm is coughed up


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