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BPerfect Semi-Permanent Brow Kit




A revolutionary system that creates perfectly shaped brows in seconds. The kit comes with a powder, 3 different shape/size stencils, and double ended brush for a flawless finish. The powder is water resistant, smudge proof, sweat proof, and lasts up to 24 hours or until you remove it with makeup remover. Available in 4 shades for the perfect match.

Brown: For a very subtle look. The brown shade creates an even brow shape for the ‘barely there’ look. Best suited to those with very fair brows or fine brow hairs.

Irid Brown: Creates a defined shape. Medium brown with subtle red tones. Suitable for red, auburn and dark brown hair.

Chocolate: For strong definition and a natural shape. Dark brown. Best suited for warm blonde, dark brown to black brow hair.

Charcoal: For a high definition brow. Best suited for silver, ash blonde, darker and thicker bro

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Charcoal, Irid Brown, Brown, Chocolate


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