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Brother Max 3-in-1 Thermometer 0m+


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This award-winning digital infrared thermometer measures ear, forehead and room temperature, in just 1 second.

Its One-Touch design makes it incredibly easy to use yet it is highly accurate to an incredible 0.1º

It provides ultimate flexibility for the whole family, where some may prefer a reading taken from ear over forehead or vice versa, and measures room temperature far more accurately than baby monitors, which is an important part of reducing cot death.

Like all Brother Max products, this unique thermometer has been inspired by family, specifically designed to:

Give you additional peace of mind, through market-leading accuracy.
Make life easier by being specifically designed to work without probe covers, yet remain ultra hygienic.
Save you time, by taking temperature in just 1 second.
Save you money, by combining 3 functions.
Digital technology – fast and accurate in just one second
Sits in its own stand for taking room temperature, that can also be wall mounted without screws
Highly portable with its own stylish, hardwearing travel case

Features & Benefits:

Back-light on screen that automatically turns itself on and off
Ultimate flexibility for little ones who prefer ear over forehead or vice versa
A highly accurate way of knowing the temperature in the nursery
Digitally measures ear, forehead and room temperature
Accurate to 0.1º
Takes temperature in just 1 second
For babies and adults
Just wipe clean, no need for probe covers
Automatic back-light for easy viewing
Fix to a flat surface or wall mount on its own stand
Certified as a baby product and
A medical device



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