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Curanail 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer


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Curanail 5% Nail Lacquer Amorolfine Treatment is a once weekly treatment for mild fungal nail infections. Curanail Nail provides treatment for up to two nails. Curanail contains the active ingredient amorolfine, an effective antifungal agent previously only available on prescription. Curanail kills a wide range of different fungi that can cause nail infections. This means that, for the majority of sufferers, Curanail can actually get rid of the infection.

To apply the nail lacquer, comply carefully with the following recommendations:
A. Before the first application of CURANAIL, clean the nails thoroughly. Remove any former varnish layers with a nail varnish remover; then using a nail file, file the surface of the nail (particularly the affected nail surface) as thoroughly as possible. Be careful not to file the periungual skin.
B. The surface of the nail should be cleansed and degreased using one of the cleaning swabs (supplied).
C. Apply the nail lacquer to the whole surface of the nail with one of the reusable applicators supplied. Between each nail application, clean the applicator with the cleaning swab supplied, thus avoiding any contamination of the nail lacquer. Do not wipe the applicator off on the edge of the bottle.
D. The applicator must be carefully cleaned with one of the swabs supplied after each application before treating another nail so as to avoid contamination of the lacquer.
E. If some nail lacquer has been put on the exterior of the stopper, please make sure to clean it with one of the cleaning swab supplied to avoid any contact with the skin.
F. Keep the bottle tightly closed.
Repeat the same process for each affected nail.
After each application of CURANAIL, it is important to wash your hands. However, when applying on fingernails, wait till it is completely dry before doing so.
Treatment should be continued without interruption until the nail is regenerated.
In general, the duration of treatment is 6 months for fingernails and 9 months for toenails (it depends essentially on the intensity, localisation and extent of the infection).
After a 3-month use without improvement, a doctor should be consulted.
Special instructions:
• Do not reuse the nail files for healthy nails.
• Before each new application, remove any remaining lacquer, file the affected nails if required, and then always clean them with one of the cleansing swabs.

Special warnings:
Avoid all contact of CURANAIL with eyes, ears or mucous membranes.
Patient care should be determined by a physician in patients suffering from peripheral vascular diseases, diabetes, immune system disorders, as well as in patients with nail dystrophy or seriously damaged nails (over two thirds of the nail plate is affected). In these cases, a systemic therapy should be envisaged.
Patients with a history of injury, skin conditions such as psoriasis or any other chronic skin condition, oedema, breathing disorders (Yellow nail syndrome), painful, distorted/deformed nails or any other symptoms should seek medical advice prior to commencing treatment.
During the application of amorolfine no cosmetic nail lacquer or artificial nails shall be used. When organic solvents are used impermeable gloves shall be used otherwise amorolfine nail lacquer will be removed
Precautions for use:
In absence of data, the use of CURANAIL is not recommended for patients under 18 years old.

Curanail 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer


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