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Curasept ADS 205 Anti Discoloration System Oral-Rinse 200ml


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Curasept 0.05% – 200ml Bottle
Chlorhexidine Rinse, It does not stain like other chlorhexidine mouthwashes!!!!
Protects against bacterial plaque and caries. Pleasant taste. Respects the natural white of teeth.
Alcohol free – ready to use.
  • Ideal for phrosthesis users and people with orthodontic appliances, implants and those with problemswith the periodontal tissue.
  • Also helps to protect gums before and after dental interventions or during a phase of intense hygiene.
  • Rinse twice daily with 10ml for 60 seconds. Use for up to 6 months or as dirrected by your dental professional.
  • For oral use only – Keep out of reach of children.
  • It contains Sodium Metabisulfite, Sodium Floride.
  • No burning or irritant effects due to the absence of alcohol.


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