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Enfamil A.R. 400g


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Enfamil A.R. (Anti-Reflux) is a pre-thickened formula designed for infants with reflux and possetting. What is Enfamil® A.R.? Enfamil A.R. (Anti-Reflux) is a pre-thickened formula designed for infants with reflux and possetting1. It is nutritionally complete and suitable for babies from birth onwards (term infants). It’s a common problem so don’t worry- however- if you have concerns speak to your healthcare professional who will be able to give you practical tips for managing reflux and advise if Enfamil A.R. is suitable for your baby. What makes Enfamil® A.R. special? Enfamil A.R. contains a special rice starch thickener – special because it is fluid in the bottle and only thickens inside your baby’s stomach. This makes Enfamil A.R. easy to feed as it flows through a standard teat. Rice is recommended as a first weaning food for infants and is a natural choice for managing infant reflux. Enfamil A.R. has been shown to be easily digested and well tolerated by young infants1. As it is based on cow’s milk Enfamil A.R. has a similar taste to routine formula and so is well accepted1. What is LIPIL®? LIPIL® is a blend of nutrients DHA and ARA- also known as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. DHA and ARA are present in breast milk and are important building blocks for baby’s brain and eye. Enfamil A.R. is the only pre-thickened formula available with DHA and ARA fats added. Preparing Enfamil A.R. Enfamil A.R. is easily prepared but please follow the instructions on the tin carefully when making up your baby’s feed. To avoid clogging the teat it is important to: Cool previously boiled water to room temperature and pour the required amount into the sterilised feeding bottle. Once you add the powder to the water- ROLL the bottle between your hands- and then shake it up and down. The rolling action will help the powder to dissolve. Warning: For your baby’s health we advise you to carefully follow these instructions. Proper hygiene- preparation- dilution- use and storage are important when preparing infant feeds. Powdered formulas intended for infants are not sterile and should not be fed to premature infants or infants who might have immune problems unless directed and supervised by your baby’s healthcare professional. Always ask your baby’s healthcare professional which formula is appropriate for your baby. Always follow the instructions as per the can. Feeding guide: see can unless your healthcare professional advises you otherwise. Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe harm. Once prepared- formula can spoil quickly. Feed immediately after preparation. Do not use prepared formula if it is un-refrigerated for more than a total of 2 hours. After feeding begins use within 1 hour and do not refrigerate feeding bottle. Throw away prepared formula left in the bottle and clean the utensils. Do not freeze prepared formula.


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