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Flax Oil soft gel capsules 90’s


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Besides being the most inexpensive and practical source of omega 3 fatty acids (55-60-)- Flax Oil is also a source of the omega 6 fats- carotene- and vitamin E. Description The oil pressed from flax is a practical source of omega-3 fatty acids; it is also a source of Omega 6-fats- lecithin- carotene and Vitamin E. Although Flax Oil has been used as a therapeutic remedy since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome- we now know that the Essential Fatty Acids contained within Flax Oil are essential for: Proper hormone balance. • Cell oxygenation. • Healthy immune system. • Proper growth. • Prevent drying and flaking skin. • Exercising to help fatigued muscles recover rapidly. • Proper brain and nerve functions (fat constitutes 70- of brain and nerve cell tissue). Fresh Flax Oil is extremely rich in Essential Fatty Acids (also called EFAs)- containing an impressive 57- alpha-linolenic acid and 17- linoleic acid. EFAs are essential for life- and since the body cannot produce them- they must be supplied by food. Fortunately- fresh Flax Oil is making a comeback thanks to scientific discoveries by Dr. Budwig and Kousmine in Europe- as outlined in the book Fats that Heal- Fats that Kill by Dr. Udo Erasmus- PhD.Vegetarian Flax Oil is better tasting than fish oil- is organic and does not contain toxins such as PCB s- Dioxins and Mercury. Ingredients Flax Oil contains one of nature’s richest sources of Omega-3 EFAs at around 50- of total oil content! Omega 3 (Alpha-linolenic Acid) 45-65- Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) 11-24- Omega 9 (Oleic Acid) 11-24- Per 10ml (1 dessertspoon) serving 9.2g fat- of which: 6.1 g Polyunsaturated (O3)-of which: 4.9g Linolenic Acid 1.2g Linoleic Acid 2.0g Monounsaturated (O6) 0.8g Saturated (O9) Suggested Usage Take 1-2 dessertspoons of oil per day or one to three capsules per day. Consume the liquid oil within three weeks of opening.


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