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Higher Nature Saltpipe Mini Replacement Bags


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Higher Nature Saltpipe Mini Replacement Bags (3 Bags) –

Increased air pollution is contributing to a growing number of people suffering from breathing difficulties. Hay fever, asthma and other respiratory disorders are on the increase. The salty atmospheres of salt mines have been used for centuries to ease the symptoms of respiratory system disorders. The Higher Nature Saltpipe with salt from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine, is a handy inhaler that brings the benefits of salt mine therapy to your home. Its salty microclimate calms the cells of the respiratory system and induces their natural self-cleansing mechanism.

A few minutes regular daily use:

  • Helps you breathe more easily
  • Assists recovery from respiratory illness
  • Helps cleanse the respiratory system

The salty microclimate may be beneficial for:

  • Pollen and other allergies
  • Asthma
  • Common cold and other infections
  • Smokers and ex-smokers
  • Problems caused by smoking
  • Snoring

Can be used with prescribed inhalers.

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50ml, 100ml


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