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iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Express Kit

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The efficiency of the iWhite Express is based on two elements; the stain eraser sponge and the teeth whitening serum.

The stain eraser sponge is activated with a few drops of the iWhite Express teeth whitening serum which contains natural whitening enzymes, enamel strengthening actives and cooling agents for a fresh-breath sensation. The combination of the stain eraser sponge and whitening serum leads to pearly white teeth and long term cleanliness of the tooth surface.

Benefits & features:
Eliminates persistent stains caused by certain types of food, beverages, and tobacco.
It helps to prevent the formation of dental plaque and to eliminate stains.
Strengthens the enamel and remineralizes the teeth.
Neutralizes the acids in the mouth.
It fights the sticky biofilm produced in the mouth by harmful bacteria.
It offers a fresh breath feeling.
Clinically proven, safe and effective.

How to use:
Step 1 : Make sure hands are clean and dry
Step 2 : Click on a plastic head on the device. that contains a sponge to erase spots
Step 3 : Gently shake the iWhite Express tooth whitening serum.
Step 4 : Moisten the sponge removes stains with several drops of the iWhite Express tooth whitening serum and gently rub the teeth with the flat side of the sponge, performing vertical movements from top to bottom. If the sponge is damaged, use a new plastic head.
Step 5 : Make sure the sponge is moist during use and, if necessary, repeat several drops of the iWhite Express whitening serum.
Step 6 : Rinse your mouth with water or a mouthwash.
Step 7 : Remove the plastic head from the device and discard it. Use a new plastic head for each new treatment.

Box Contents:
1 iWhite Express tooth whitening device
10 sponges removes iWhite Express dental stains mounted on plastic heads
1 iWhite Express tooth whitening serum
Whitening kits should be worn only 20 minutes a day for instant results, up to 8 shades whiter. Our whitening kits can be used for 5 consecutive days for even more astonishing results or you can use it once in a while whenever you feel it is necessary!


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