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LubriSynHA Joint Formula Grape Flavour 340ml

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Age and exercise can break down synovial fluid – the naturally occurring fluid that cushions and protects every joint in the body – leading to bone-on-bone friction and inflammation. The resulting pain can impact with athletic performances and interfere with daily activities.LubriSyn HA is an oral, liquid form of Hyaluronic Acid which is the main constituent of joint fluid. This synovial fluid lubricates and cushions your joints.
Proper lubrication in the joints prevents injury and disease in people who are young and active, and alleviates and improves the symptoms of joint disease such as arthritis. Hyaluronic Acid reduces pain and inflammation, while improving overall joint function and mobility.

LubriSynHA is an all-natural Hyaluronan (HA) supplement that is easily absorbed to help replenish synovial fluid and lubricate aching joints. Now golfers, marathoners, horseback riders or anyone who experiences joint pain in their daily lives can take advantage of this liquid oral supplement to feel better.

LubriSynHA (formerly LubriSynHU) is your daily source of hyaluronan – the naturally-occurring fluid that cushions your joints. Our new 11.5oz. bottle is convenient sized for a 30-day supply of LubriSynHA and is now 20% stronger formulation.

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