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Manuka Honey MGO525+ 500g


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100 Percent New Zealand origin-source, process and pack MGO Manuka honey in New Zealand, which ensures they meet New Zealand’s rigorous quality standards
Every jar tested and certified for quality, purity and potency
MGO 550 plus is recommended for ultra care- try straight off the spoon, mixed in warm water, as an accompaniment to warm drinks or breakfast foods or even straight on the skin as a nourishing face mask
Pure and unpasteurisedand certified for natural methylglyoxal content (at least 550 mg/kg)
Nurtured and protected from beekeeper to you

  • For internal use with ulcers and gastritis- spread 1 tablespoon of honey on toast and eat one hour before meals and at bedtime
  • For internal use with sore throats- cold and flu- allow 1 teaspoon of honey to gently melt in mouth- slowly coating the throat- 4 times daily
  • For external use: Typically- about 1 tablespoon of active Manuka honey is used on a 4″ x 4″ dressing. It is generally more effective to spread the honey on the bandage than directly on the wound.


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