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Manuka Honey Suckles

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Manuka Health Manuka Honey Suckles with Lemon MGO™ 400+ are high grade MGO™ 400+ Manuka Honey into a tasty, lemon flavoured lozenge.

Blended with MGO™400+ Manuka Honey, renowned for its unique activity and antibacterial properties, the Suckles are 100% natural and aim to contribute in maintaining a healthy immune system, digestive health and healthy skin.


  • For internal use with ulcers and gastritis- spread 1 tablespoon of honey on toast and eat one hour before meals and at bedtime
  • For internal use with sore throats- cold and flu- allow 1 teaspoon of honey to gently melt in mouth- slowly coating the throat- 4 times daily
  • For external use: Typically- about 1 tablespoon of active Manuka honey is used on a 4″ x 4″ dressing. It is generally more effective to spread the honey on the bandage than directly on the wound.


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