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Medi-Tag Life Saving Pendant For Epilepsy


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Medi-Tag ID jewellery is worn on the pulse points and incorporates the medical symbol recognised by medics worldwide- so it’s easy for people to recognise. Engraved with medical and personal details- Medi-Tag medical identification Bracelets- Pendants and Watches can assist in lifesaving patient care- identification and contacting next of kin. Wearing Medi-Tag medical ID jewellery gives you peace of mind and confidence that in a medical emergency you can communicate vital information for your protection. Individually personalised- you decide on the medical and personal details that should be engraved. •Designed for people with a wide range of hidden medical conditions •Easily recognisable to medical professionals •Choice of 7 pre-engraved medical conditions- or blank for own engraving •Made from non-allergenic stainless steel with 660mm (26″) stainless steel chain


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