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Medicare Sensitive Strip Dressing


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• Medicare Mutipore Sensitive Dressing Strip has a non-adherent pad which will cope with most minor cuts and abrasions
• Hypoallergenic, non woven and multi-porous- breathability of non woven material is especially kind to sensitive skin
• Skin friendly adhesive
• Soft flexible fabric for extra comfort
• Ventilated- allows air to reach wound
• Can be cut to size
• Size: 6cm x 1m
• Latex Free


Sensitive skin? We’ve got you covered! Medicare’s Sensitive Plasters are hypoallergenic and especially kind to sensitive, delicate skin. If your skin is easily-irritated, but you still need to protect a wound and help it heal fast, Medicare’s plaster strip for Sensitive Skin is the perfect choice. The breathable fabric with non-woven backing, protects wounds from infection, while providing ventilation, allowing the skin to breathe and the air to reach the wound.
The plaster strip is ideal for those awkward or hard-to-reach areas like the elbows, knuckles, toes or knees.


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