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Neilmed Nasamist Saline Spray 177ml


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Neilmed NasaMist Saline Spray: NasaMist Saline Spray All-In-One is a nasal moisturizer and saline rinse all in one can. Soothe- moisturize and cleanse using three specially designed nozzles. Ultra Gentle Mist Tip for Nasal Moisturization: This tip can be used for ages 1 and up for moisturizing and soothing dry nasal passages. Insert the Ultra Gentle Mist tip into nostril and press until adequate solution is sprayed. Medium Tip: This tip can be used for ages 5 and up. This tip will deliver a medium volume jet that can reach deeper into the nasal passages. Large Volume Rinse Tip for Nasal – Sinus Rinse: This tip can be used for ages 5 and up.


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