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NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump for Gentle Efficiency


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NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump is especially gentle and efficient at expressing precious breast milk.
  • Innovative technology and design give excellent expressing movement
  • Soft, textured silicone cushion gives a pleasant massage that encourages the milk to flow
  • Smooth-action, ergonomic lever for easy use
  • Use lever to adjust suction strength and rhythm. Slightly domed breast shield with silicone cushion perfectly shaped to fit
  • Simple-Just a few parts for quick assembly and easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher Resistant: Sturdy, dishwasher resistant
  • Combinable: Suitable for all NUK First Choice baby bottles and teats
  •  Included Accessories: NUK Breast Milk Container, screw ring, sealing disc and stand


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