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Nurofen Durance 200mg Medicated Plaster 4 Pack


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Nurofen Durance 200 mg medicated plaster is indicated for the short-term symptomatic treatment of local pain in acute muscular strains, or sprains in benign traumas close to the joint of the upper or lower limb in adults or adolescents aged 16 years and older.

One dose is equal to one medicated plaster. The maximum dose for a single 24 hour period is one medicated plaster. The plaster can be applied at any time during the day or night, but should be removed and a new plaster re-applied at the same time on the following day.

The medicated plaster should be used for the shortest duration necessary to control symptoms. The treatment duration should not exceed 5 days. The therapeutic benefit of treatment longer than 5 days has not been established.


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