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Nutramigen 2 LGG Powder 400g


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Nutramigen 2 LGG
From 6 months
Nutramigen 2 LGG  is an intensively hydrolysed, hypoallergenic bottle food based on casein that is used as a diet food for cow’s milk allergy in infants from 6 months onwards as part of a varied diet. It should be used as part of a varied diet to ensure that your baby receives all necessary nutrients.

The cow’s milk proteins in Nutramigen 2 LGG ® were broken into pieces (or hydrolyzed) so that the immune system of most infants with cow’s milk allergy no longer recognizes them as harmful invaders.

Nutramigen LGG ® is the only hypoallergenic formula that contains an extensive researched bacterium called Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (trademark LGG ® ), a combination that has been shown to help with cow’s milk allergy, allowing babies to introduce milk faster than Nutramigen without LGG ® .

Nutramigen 2 LGG ® :

Intensively hydrolysed bottle formula based on casein
Suitable as a diet food for infants with cow’s milk allergy
Suitable as part of a varied diet from 6 months
Each tin Nutramigen 2 LGG ® contains 400 g powder for bottle feeding
Contains LGG


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