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Pharma Nord BioActive Vitamin D Pearls 75UG 80’s


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Vitamin D- normally found in food supplements as Vitamin D3- is a fat-soluble vitamin- obtained from the diet and is also synthesised in human skin when exposed to sunshine. It is very important for many aspects of human health- including the maintenance of strong and healthy bones and teeth- as well as the absorption and regulation of calcium and phosphorous. It is also needed for the normal function of the immune system and inflammatory response. Recent studies have shown- however- that sunshine levels in most northern countries are too weak during the winter period for the body to produce enough vitamin D3. Some experts estimate that more than half the population in those areas have inadequate or perhaps even deficient levels of the nutrient.

1 capsule per day, preferably with food and water. In case of doubts consult your physician or pharmacist. Sugar, yeast and gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians.

D-Pearls contain 38 ug (1520 IU) of Vitamin D3, dissolved in cold pressed olive oil. Supplementation is a very efficient and safe way to ensure that the body has sufficient levels of vitamin D, even during winter-time.

Supplementation with vitamin D3 is recommended for children, elderly, people with dark skin or people who spend the majority of their time indoors. In addition, in areas where there are extended periods of low sunlight, experts advise that almost everyone should use supplements to ensure sufficient levels of vitamin D3.


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