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Salactol Wart Paint 10ml


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Salactol Wart Paint, is a collodion wart paint. The ingredients work together to break down and remove warts, verrucas, corns and calluses.

Salactol Wart Paint softens the skin so you can simply pumice the excess skin away easily and effectively. Warts, verucas, corns and calluses are just a skin growths formed by a virus, which are easily treated with the right supplement. Salactol Wart Paint is the quick and effective formula so you can restore your feet back to its natural healthy state.

DO NOT use anywhere on or near your face, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) regions.
DO NOT use on birthmarks, moles, warts with hairs growing from them, or any other spots. If in doubt as to whether you have a wart, verruca, corn or callus, consult your doctor before treatment.
DO NOT use if you are diabetic or suffer from poor blood circulation to your hands or feet.
DO NOT use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients of Salactol (as listed above).
DO NOT use on broken skin.
For your safety:
This treatment is for application to the skin only. Keep it away from your eyes, nose and mouth, and from cuts and grazes.
Take care not to apply Salactol to surrounding normal skin, especially in the case of children’s delicate skin. If accidental spreading occurs, immediately remove surplus product with a tissue.
If Salactol is accidentally swallowed, or if it gets into the eye, contact a doctor or a hospital straight away.
Avoid inhaling the vapour from this product, as it can be harmful.
Avoid spillage. Do not get Salactol on your clothes, jewellery, fabrics or furniture as it may damage them.
Do not apply Salactol in proximity to open flames, burning cigarettes or anything else which might ignite the vapour. Take appropriate care when discarding bottle after completion of treatment.
Salactol is very flammable. Do not store above 25°C. Keep upright, well away from flames, and where children cannot see or reach it. Keep the cap tightly closed when Salactol is not being used. This product should not be used after the expiry date shown on the bottle label or later than 3 months from first use.
You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use
When you order this item it is subject to review and approval by one of our pharmacists. Our pharmacists may remove an item from your order if they feel it isn’t suitable for you, or in order to comply with UK legislation.


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