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Savlon Advanced Healing Gel 50g


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Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is an effective treatment for superficial burns and wounds. This active healing gel can be applied directly to cuts- sores and burns to help promote the natural healing process and keep abrasions and cracked skin clean. The gel forms a protective layer over cuts to keep the wound clear of debris and germs. It then works to trigger natural healing responses to help the wound heal quickly. The cream works on contact and does not need to be rubbed into skin – which could potentially cause further pain and discomfort. Instead- apply the cream directly to the affected area and cover with a plaster or gauze. The cream can be kept in place throughout the day. Simply add more cream and change the dressing to keep using daily. The gel can be applied to sunburn up to six times a day- and to superficial wounds up to twice per day. This product can also help to soothe minor bed sores- under supervision of a doctor or nurse.


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