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SONA Magnesium Tablets 250mg 60’s


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Magnesium is a vital mineral needed for bone- protein- and fatty acid formation- making new cells- activating B vitamins- relaxing muscles- clotting blood- and forming ATP—the energy the body runs on. Insulin secretion and function also require magnesium. Magnesium also regulates the absorption of calcium and is involved in the structural integrity of bones and teeth. If it is deficient in the bones- the bones may be dense but have poor trabecular integrity and thus be brittle. Magnesium has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle. It may be helpful in relaxing the smooth muscle of the bronchioles (improving asthma) and the arterioles (lowering blood pressure). Sona Magnesium is made of the highest quality and contains 250mg of magnesium per tablet.


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