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SONA Multiplus Capsules




Sona MultiPlus capsules are a comprehensive one-a-day multivitamin- multimineral that provides a full spectrum of 35 essential vitamins- minerals- antioxidants- trace elements and essential fatty acids needed to ensure adequate nutritional intake and optimize general health and well being. Taken on a daily basis- Sona MultiPlus capsules help combat daily fatigue- prevent and treat symptoms of an ill-balanced diet- help prevent premature ageing and delay the onset of degenerative diseases. Sona MultiPlus capsules provide all the nutrients that help boost and maintain energy levels throughout the day- such as iron- the B-Complex group of vitamins and Ginseng- in addition to other nutrients needed for overall health and vitality. Sona MultiPlus also provides a complete range of antioxidant vitamins and minerals that prevent premature ageing and delay the onset of degenerative diseases. Omega 3 fish oils help to maintain a healthy heart and brain- as well as keeping joints supple and flexible. Formulated for optimum absorption and utilization within the body- Sona MultiPlus is the most comprehensive multivitamin- multimineral formula available. Sona MultiPlus Capsules are a complete multivitamin- multimineral formula which is recommended as a supplement for anyone who may be lacking in certain nutrients- or those looking to improve their overall health and increase their own natural energy levels- improving concentration and general well-being.

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30 Pack, 90 Pack


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