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The Belle Brush Original and The Baby Belle




The Belle Brush
Soft nylon bristles glide through your roots to prevent matting, without pulling on your extensions, while shorter bristles distribute natural hair oils from the root down to the tip to prevent dry, frizzy ends.

Large vents at the back of the brush allow air to flow through the hair evenly when drying, reducing heat damage while significantly cutting down your blow drying time.

For all hair lovers, with or without extensions.

The Baby Belle

This professional brush is perfect for hair extensions and even detangles children’s hair with ease.

The small size and flexible brush head gently detangles, styles, and blow drys better than ever before. Say goodbye to buying different brushes for each task. The Baby Belle does it all.

Long nylon bristles glide through hair without tugging, while shorter bristles polish the surface and distribute natural oils.

Our flexible brush head allows quick, pain-free detangling by curving to the contours of your head, gently brushing every hair in place. The result is beautiful, shiny, frizz-free hair.


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The Belle Brush Original, The Baby Belle


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